Bus Top Premium

Bus Top Premium belongs to the next generation of roof hatches. This new, unique model has been equipped with a whole series of functions not to be found in any other roof hatch. The roof hatch was developed and manufactured to further improve on the merits of all previous Bus Top versions. The Bus Top Premium is quickly installed, because the entire unit is merely glued into place and does not need to be dismantled. The entire electrical system is already integrated into the roof hatch. A number of optional functions is also available. Bus Top Premium is not only simple to operate - the separate sound absorbtion layer beneath the shell also adds to passenger comfort. Bus Top Premium is also extremely lightweight (9 kg). The roof hatch is equipped with a unique integral electronic control system that powers the motor. Thanks to the slim profile (only 48 mm high) the roof hatch is ideal for high vehicles, (e.g. double-deckers). The roof hatch can be blended into the interior design of the bus with various ceiling liners (available as accessories).

Bus Top Premium is available either as an electrically operated version or as an emergency exit only (no opening/closing function).


The electrical version has a number of additional functions:

  • Automatic rain sensor (closes roof hatch automatically when it rains)
  • Status display of emergency locking (driver can see if emergency exit has been activated)
  • Burglary prevention (driver can lock emergency exit separately when the ignition is off to prevent intrusion by external emergency release system)
  • Design compatible with previous BusTop models
  • Low aerodynamic profile
  • Noise- and heat-insulated
  • Integrated electronic system (standard equipment for electronic version)
  • Integration in bus interior (choice of cover shell)
  • Fast installation with adhesive (rigid exterior SMC frame)
  • Low-maintenance mechanism in outer frame
  • Excellent air exchange satisfies ECE-R-36 regulations

Product features

  • 24 v operation
  • Multiplex compatible
  • Integrated electronics
  • Easy and fast mounting by bonding
  • Extreme heat and cold tolerant SMC
  • ECE and FMVSS-571-217 approved
  • Noise and thermo isolation
  • Maintenance free
  • Rain sensor (option)
  • Central locking (option)
  • Theft Guard (option)

Technical data

  Bus Top Premium Bus Top Premium Citybus
Operating voltage range (V) 24 24
Wattage (W) 209 209
Weight (kg) 9 9
Roof cutout (mm) 970 x 564 970 x 564
External dimensions (mm) 1,000 x 600 1,000 x 600
Height, hatch closed (mm) 50 50
Height, hatch open (mm) 105 55