REVO® -E HP R744

Cooling and heat pump performance at zero emission

The REVO®-E HP R744 is an all-electric, zero emission HVAC unit specially designed for buses with alternative drives. The use of natural refrigerant R744 makes it an environmentally neutral HVAC system for cooling the bus interior, and it also functions as a heat pump. It operates more efficiently under a wide range of ambient conditions (-20 °C / +44 °C), providing a large heating
capacity with less energy consumption.


Low life-cycle costs

  • Refrigerant R744 is cost-efficient and permanent available
  • Practically maintenance-free

Range of Driving

  • Maximization of the range due to high COP during heat pump mode


  • Natural refrigerant CO2 GWP = 1 ODP = 0
  • Non flamable, non toxic and easily produced

Environmentally friendly

  • No leakage control needed due to the characteristics of the natural refrigerant CO2
  • Low GWP of the refrigerant (GWP = 1, ODP = 0)


  • Strong cooling and heat pump performance in one unit


  • R744 / CO2 compressor integrated
  • Plug & play
  • Optional: frontbox connection, heat pump chiller, battery cooling chiller

Technical data

  REVO®-E HP R744
Refrigerant R744 / CO2
Cooling capacity 31 kW
Heating capacity (heat pump) 27 kW at 0°C
20 kW at -10°C
Current consumption (26 VDC) 120 A
Current consumption (600 VDC) 21 A
Fresh air 100%
Weight 340 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,100 x 2,100 x 450 mm