Greenline Filter

Antiviral Multilayer Filter

High concentrations of exhaust fumes and fine particles, especially in urban and high-population areas, make efficient air filtration in local public transportation an absolute necessity. Air quality plays a key role specifically in buses, where a lot of people gather. Efficient filtration can only be achieved using highly effective filters which hold back even the smallest of particles besides harmful gases, viruses and bacteria, and also protect our airways. With Greenline – our latest antiviral, multilayer filter – we have brought a product to market that purifies the air for all of these
emission groups and is able to withstand many test cycles under real-life conditions.


  • Specially developed filter medium consisting of several highly effective functional layers
  • The particle layer filters out coarse and fine dust (F7 filter)
  • Specially impregnated, premium activated carbon eliminates unpleasant odours and neutralises VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

  • Nitrous gases are removed from the ambient air and irreversibly bound
  • Special impregnation of the filter media prevents the accumulation and growth of bacteria and viruses
  • Antiviral efficacy has been tested, verified and confirmed by a number of independent institutes

  • Easy retrofitting possible
  • Can be used in all of Valeo’s REVO air conditioners

Technical data

  Greenline Filter
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 497 x 177 x 30 mm
Particle efficiency at 0.3 μm > 86 %
Reduction in nitric oxide > 80 %
Antibacterial efficacy (DIN EN ISO 20743) > 99 %
Antiviral efficacy according to ISO 18184 > 99 %
Antiviral efficacy (OFI SOP 350.012 ) 95 %
Antiviral efficacy (DMT based on ANSI/ASHRAE 185.1) > 99 %