Hatch Control

Operating unit controlling up to 4 hatches

As the digital interface for electrically controlled roof hatches Valeo’s Driver Unit is suitable to control up to 4 hatches in any type of bus, also articulated vehicles. It has been designed to be completely independent from the rest of the bus electronics. However, a specific override function - initiated by an external signal - ensures to close the hatch. With it’s own intelligence and processor, also a rain sensor can be part of the setup.



  • Professional design for intuitive operation
  • Fully digital
  • Memory function
  • LIN bus-communication between operating unit and control module
  • Multiplex controllable

Technical data

  Digital Hatch Control DHC - MODUS Line Electronic Control Unit ECU - ELEON Line
Operating voltage (V) 12 / 24 24
Fuse (A) 0-15m 7.5A, 15-30m 15A 0-15m 7.5A, 15-30m 15A
Communication Analog, Digital LIN S-BUS Analog, Digital LIN S-BUS
Mass (kg) 0.099 0.073
Connector type 2 x MOLEX 39-01-2025 (UL94 VO)
1 x MOLEX 39-01-2065 (UL94 VO)
MPC 2.8mm 9POS 8-968971-1
Hatch Series Modus ELEON
Approval UN ECE R.10.05 UN ECE R.10.05