Modus Cool

Modus Cool features a powerful exhaust ventilator, which ensures a constant and quick air exchange at the highest level.

In addition, an integration of the exhaust ventilation to the equipped A/C unit maximizes the cooling capacity. Using the fans during the vehicle is stationary keeps the vehicle cooler, more comfortable and saves energy.

Modus Cool is available with 12V or 24V exhaust ventilator. Hatch operation control is available with either as a manually or as an electrically operated remote hatch control version.


Low Life-Cycle Cost

  • Maintenance free
  • UV and weather proof materials
  • No operation costs for ventilator hatch

Environmentally friendly

  • No energy needed for ventilation
  • Swift cooling when parallel with A/C and exhaust fan
  • Optimize ventilation according to outside temperature


  • Ventilator boosts cooling the vehicle
  • Manual or electric remote control
  • Integrated digital control unit
  • Dedicated driver unit option
  • Rain sensor option available
  • Electric version has optional override
  • Standard on-off switches can be used

Technical data

  Modus Cool Modus Cool Comfort
Cut-off (mm) 970 x 530 970 x 530
Dome A x B (mm) 1080 x 600 1080 x 600
Interior opening D x C (mm) 810 x 510 810 x 510
Height close / open F x E (mm) 115 x 160 115 x 160
Ventilation opening G (mm) 40 50
Weight hatch (kg) 9.3 10.7
Weight inner trim (kg) 1.2 / T=50 1.2 / T=50
Hatch operation voltage (V) - 24
Ventilator voltage (V) 12 / 24 12 / 24
Ventilator air displacement (m³) >200 >200
Fuse hatch operation (A) - 5
Fuse ventilator (A) 10 / 5 10 / 5
Control unit - Digital hatch control DHC, not integrated
Emergency exit approval UN ECE R.107r5 UN ECE R.107r5
Flammability approval UN ECE R.118.01 UN ECE R.118.01
EMC approval hatch - UN ECE R.10.05
EMC approval ventilator UN ECE R.10.05 UN ECE R.10.05

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