Top performance ventilation for a clean cabin air

MegaVent is the ultimate solution for exhaust ventilation when top performance is required. This unique ventilator has a suction capacity of 1250 m³/h, which means that the air in an average bus (75 m3) is changed every 3 minutes, 40 seconds.

Typically, city buses require a high ventilation capacity to remove humidity from the passenger compartment and provide a continuous supply of fresh air. MegaVent is the optimal product to meet the VDV 236 ventilation requirement.

The fan is built on a robust steel base and it has an integrated back-flow valve to prevent the air from flowing the wrong way when the fan is not in operation. This also prevents the penetration of water and snow.


Comfort and installation

  • Extreme ventilation capacity
  • Very low noise level
  • No interior cover
  • Quick mounting by gluing


  • Robust steel parts powder coating
  • Integrated back-flow valve

Technical data

Air flow capacity (m³/h) 1250
Power consumption (A) 3.8
Cut-off size (mm) 380
Dome Length x Width (A x B, mm) 316 x 646
Height above roof / in total (E/F, mm) 138 / 202
Weight basic ventilator (kg) 9.0
Operating Voltage (V) 24
Noise level (db) 68
Cable length (mm) 290
Cable connector AMP 180 908-0
Ø Assembly hole (mm) 380
EMC Approval UN ECE R10.05
Flammability Approval UN ECE R118