Thermo E

State-of-the-art system with a sound heritage

The product line was developed primarily for markets, in which special emphasis is placed on performance and robustness, accompanied by economic efficiency.
Based on many years of experience with successful predecessor models, the modern heater - available in 20 and 32 kW versions - fulfils performance requirements in the most common fields of application. Because of an optimised heat transfer the unit achieves the highest possible level of efficiency and thus exhaust emission values which are significantly below the legal limits.


Low life-cycle costs

  • Simple maintenance with diagnosis via blink code
  • Optimised heat exchanger guarantees high degree of efficiency and low fuel consumption

Environmentally friendly

  • Low emission values (significantly below legal limits)


  • Integral control unit with waterproof connectors for a high degree of reliability
  • 20 and 32 kW versions cover performance requirements of all applications

Technical data

  Thermo E 200 Thermo E 320
Heat Output 68,000 BTU/h
109,000 BTU/h
(32 kW)
Electr. Power Consumption 2.3 Amps at 24 V
(55 W)
4.2 Amps at 24 V
(100 W)
Fuel Consumption 71 gal/hr
(2.7 l/h)
108 gal/hr
(4.1 l/h)
Rated Voltage (V) 24 24
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) 593 x 247 x 224 593 x 247 x 224
Weight 37.5 lbs. (17 kg) 37.5 lbs. (17 kg)
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 2.0 3.2