Safety and Comfort

Elexx, the state-of-the-art roof hatch is a unique combination of service and emergency exit hatch.

Thanks to a clever patented hinged mechanism Elexx can be opened like a door. The vehicle roof is easy accessible through the hatch in order to maintain A/C or other devices, which offers a huge easy to operate advantage for customers and excellent ventilation performance even while stationary for the passengers.

The safety-relevant central locking system prevents from unwanted entry. All in all Elexx meets all safety and comfort requirements of today.

Technische Daten

Dimensions of roof opening (mm) 530 x 970
Length of dome (mm) 1050
Width of dome (mm) 598
Inner width (mm) 510
Inner length (mm) 770
Height open (mm) 183
Height closed (mm) 94
Opening (mm) 69