UV purifier - eliminates more than 95 percent of viruses including covid-19 in a single airflow cycle

The UV Purifier sucks the air through the box, disinfects it in a matter of seconds and reinjects it into the bus, practically as clinically clean air.

Purified air thus flows continuously during the entire journey and circulates in the passenger compartment, ensuring that the virus concentration in the bus is kept at a low level, even when there are infected persons on board who are constantly breathing out viruses. For us, the limit value for virus concentration in the interior of the bus is the same threshold value as for a hospital operating theatre at the start of an operation.

With an inactivation rate of over 95 percent, the air is purged not only of viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, but also of harmful microbes, mould and spores.

UV purifier - a health shield against viruses in the bus interior

The core elements of the UV Purifier are powerful UV lamps. These are enclosed in a radiationimpermeable metal box or integrated into the vehicle’s air conditioning system, thus shielding UV radiation. The cabin air is drawn in by low-noise fans and passes the UV lamp at a defined speed.

Exposure time and intensity, blow-through speed and geometry are carefully coordinated to ensure that the air stream emerging from the box is virtually virus-free (>95%).


The Valeo UV Purifier offers maximum safety to passengers in buses, transit or city buses, and protection against the active viruses that circulate in the air in the form of aerosols. It reduces the concentration of viruses in the air just as effectively as a fresh air supply.

For this purpose, the UV Purifier exploits the germicidal effect of short-wave ultraviolet light. Irradiation with UV-C light (254nm) is a proven method of disinfection by the inactivation of microorganisms and various viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. With adequate exposure time and intensity, the DNA of the virus is cracked and destroyed, so that it can no longer reproduce itself.

Tests for maximum Safety

Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of the Valeo UV Purifier has been verified in tests with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. On July 10, 2020, the Institute for Medical Virology of the Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt confirmed the technology's virucidial efficacy.


Valeo has created a unique solution integrating a UV light provided by one of the leading global experts in the technology.

In addition, the UV Purifier has undergone numerous safety tests like a shock resistance test (impact strength). Thick quartz glass makes the lamp highly shatterproof, and a Teflon coating prevents glass splinters or fluids from entering the bus interior, e.g. in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, with its impermeable metal box the UV Purifier ensures that radiation does not penetrate the cabin. Specially arranged stray light destroyers (scattered light labyrinth) in the box also prevent UV stray light from escaping and no ozone (gas irritant to humans and animals) is generated.


The UV Purifier box incorporates low-noise axial fans. It will not detract from the efficiency of an existing a/c unit, nor the feeling of comfort.


The UV Purifier can be used in all types of buses worldwide. It is available as a HVAC-integrated solution in which the UV-C lamp is installed in the heating/air conditioning system; or as a separate solution directly for the passenger compartment. The latter can be mounted directly on the ceiling of the bus, beneath the seats or in the luggage rack.

The UV Purifier is equally suitable as a retrofit solution as for installation in a new vehicle. As a simple plug-and-play installation, the cabin solution is ready for immediate operation. Furthermore, it is modular and for autonomous use, guaranteeing a long service life of up to 12,000 hours. The UV Purifier has a blink code fault diagnosis in the event of stoppage or malfunction, and early detection of defective lamps.

The box is completely maintenance free, i.e. there are no replaceable parts, filter changes or similar.

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