Vision X

Safety, design and CO2 free ventilation | Aerodynamic and minimal air resistance

Vision X is the successor of the Vision Series hatch. The updated and improved Vision X is designed to meet the highest demand in performance and in design. European UN ECE legal requirements are certified as well as the FMVSS for North America.

The Glass panel is vibration free due to its curved shape. With a Light Transmission rate of 14% most of the heat is filtered away with a dense rasterized pattern still giving the much needed additional light to the passenger area.

The hatch is the most aerodynamic hatch on the market. With a height of only 25mm from the roof surface, it is the optimal solution to every bus where air friction makes a difference.

A ventilator opening for 80mm makes Vision X also Unique. No other serial production Emergency Escape Ventilator Hatch meets this ventilation level.

Vision X Emergency Exit can be released internally with a handle thus there is no need to break the glass panel, which is a demand for the North American FMVSS safety regulation.

Should you want the goodies of the Vision X but would like to have an interior panel; that is also possible. For very hot and cold areas an interior panel is recommended for its thermal insulation characteristics to prevent condense build in the cold and heat prevention in the hot.



  • Easy emergency escape release
  • Boosts air oxygen level in vehicle
  • No glass break hammer required (optional)
  • Minimizes infection risk


  • Extreme ventilation
  • Vibration free
  • Light transmission 14%
  • Easy ventilation operation

Environmentally friendly

  • Low air resistance
  • Maintenance free for life
  • No operation cost
  • No toxic materials used
  • Light weight saves energy

Technical data

  Vision X
Cut-off (mm) 970 x 630 (+3) R100
Dome (mm) 1035 x 715
Interior opening (mm) 612 x 733
Height open / closed (mm) 112 / 25
Ventilation opening (mm) 80
Weight hatch (kg) 13.2
Weight inner trim (kg) 0.6
Weight interior cover (kg) 1.4 (optional)
Dome material 4mm Safety Glass (Clear with imprint Light Transmission 14%)
Glazing material approval UN ECE R.43.01s2
Emergency Exit approval UN ECE R.107.08, CCAP, FMVSS
Flammability approval UN ECE R.118.03 (applies for vehicle class 2 & 3 only)